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haystak helps you discover pending rights issues before they become rights failures.


Marketing organizations and Business Affairs teams need to maintain detailed records of digital media rights - from audio, video, to images - across all entities to ensure compliance with usage rights and contracts. Tracking these digital assets and the right to use them is a top priority for any organization that deals in these types of assets.
Pain Points:
  • Multiple data sources that are not consistently or accurately tracked
  • Legal documentation (such as model releases and regional usage rights) are maintained in multiple data stores
  • Existing Digital Asset Management solutions cannot sift through these unconnected data stores
  • Users must have managed access because of releases and legal constraints
  • Failure to meet these standards will lead to legal ramifications that can lead to a significant financial impact
  • Organizational structures prevent or limit detailed assessment of these digital rights


  • Apply and subsequently track correlations between digital rights and digital media
  • Tag original media with key factors - associated releases, expirations, and regional restrictions - without affecting the original data files
  • Create search criteria and filters to flag expiring media or other rights restrictions
  • Allow organizations to maintain existing data permissions


  • With a centralized taxonomy-free data index, users can quickly identify existing media for rights requirements
  • By allowing deep intelligence and tagging, mixed media can be flagged with both critical rights and media content data, providing unparalleled media access
  • Streamline content intelligence without requiring massive new data storage environments
  • Production teams can rapidly identify and track project data, sources, and delivered media

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