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haystak makes looking for evidence in thousands of documents, quick and painless.


In the world of Law, the discovery process inundates a firm with a massive amount of documents from a broad range of sources. From papers to photos and digital data, it all needs to be searched for information relevant to the case. A tool to help make the process of searching such a broad range of data from a single search point is the ultimate goal.
Pain Points:
  • Multiple file formats requiring different types of viewing tools
  • A steady stream of new cases creates a massive file influx that needs to be processed and made available to legal teams quickly
  • Sources are not always in a standardized format, nor have they gone through Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Unstructured data sources utilizing multiple terms for similar issues
  • Media volume is high and random. Data comes in either by the thousands per day or none at all
  • Media is stored across multiple share points and solutions throughout a multi-site organization


  • Connect multiple data sources to the index and provide OCR on the fly
  • Allow teams to review and tag documents on the fly without modifying the source content
  • Documents are translated as indexed facilitating searching among documents in different languages *
  • Create and store new search criteria and allow notifications when new materials meet these existing searches *
  • Provide data analysis of content by identifying open-ended term analysis


  • With a centralized search index, legal teams gain immediate and deep access to the materials provided in discovery
  • Teams can now rapidly identify critical evidence essential to any case
  • Teams can access a wider array of knowledge specific to a case with a significant reduction in effort
  • By conducting data normalization and OCR through ingest, data access is significantly expedited

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* Some features coming Fall 2022