how it works

haystak keeps track of all your data so when you need it, it’s easy to find it.

Searching from a single search box makes it simple

haystak can quickly connect to all of your data repositories allowing integrated search across your entire organization. haystak can index structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data - giving you meaningful insight into your data without regard to its origin or how it's stored. All done in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional structured data search models.

Make smarter and faster business decisions

  • Your business has the data it needs to make good decisions, haystak makes sure you can find it
  • Once you find data using the first piece of the puzzle, easily find the next piece of the puzzle and continue to refine your searches to find even more pieces
  • With a single, powerful search box haystak makes it possible search terabytes of data with a single click

Save your searches before it's too late

  • The most powerful search box in the world will implement automation
  • Set up automatic searches to find data as it arrives on your data shares or databases. Even automate searches of the internet
  • haystak can alert users the moment data matches are found so appropriate human interaction can be taken
  • Automated searches are perfect for media rights management alerting you instantly when an image is about to expire
The best solution for your business data
Imagine all your documents, databases, and metadata in your universe, easily searchable via a single search box.