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With haystak, searching through years of documents takes just a few minutes.


A large transportation organization needs to have ready access to decades worth of shipping data. The existing data ranges from scanned manifests and databases to lading receipts and billing documents. The organization must be able to collate the transfer of materials to both internal and external entities to meet legal standards.
Pain Points:
  • Different database sources have different key values and structures
  • Print records range from detailed inventories to generalized data with cryptic nomenclatures
  • Scanned materials vary significantly in quality
  • Multiple data sources, formats, and permissions
  • Data velocity is faster than the speed-of-business
  • Organizational issues artificially isolate data away from relevant groups


  • haystak provides a central content repository making searching across the company a simple task
  • Teams can review and tag documents on the fly without modifying the source content
  • Detailed data analysis on key organizational facts becomes possible when your entire universe of data is accessible via a single interface
  • Advanced filtering to ensure critical information is readily available when needed for key business decisions


  • A new, streamlined system to access content without requiring massive new data storage environments
  • By utilizing Extra-Load-Transform technologies, haystak allows users to access the entire data lake as a single source to receive precise results without the risk of altering the original source
  • Organizations can readily identify the WHY of business and industry trends by focusing on their own data rather than outsider trend analysis
  • Users can flag search criteria and filters, quickly identifying new data that meets these requirements without manually sifting through all of the new data objects

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