digital asset management

haystak makes accessing and managing all your digital assets easy.


Many organizations have a massive amount of digital assets in all sorts of various formats. On top of that, the assets need to be made manageable, searchable, and trackable so that the employees can efficiently do their work.
Pain Points:
  • Users in different groups need different access to media
  • The group deals with a high velocity and volume of new media production
  • The media tool requires security to prevent unauthorized asset use
  • Media is stored in multiple locations, from SANs, network file shares, and even connected hard drive systems
  • The media formats vary - audio, video, images, documents, and more
  • High volume of content is added on a continual basis


  • Once all your disparate storage is connected to haystak, all of the data becomes instantly searchable to users
  • Now your users can find and leverage assets in a fraction of the time it takes with other methods or tools
  • haystak allows the organization and identification of data without touching any of the original files
  • haystak allows filtering of search responses to even further clarify your search results


  • Because haystak continually indexes content, you can gain insight on a real-time basis—anything added to the system will instantly be shown in search results
  • Media Asset Managers can readily access and identify project materials, provide feedback, and manage usage rights
  • Users can quickly locate content from multiple projects that meet emerging requirements with little to no advanced information on other projects
  • Production teams work more efficiently due to the increased speed of finding assets

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